The famous orchestra, Gustav Brom Big Band with Vladimír Valovič in lead will become resident of the Czech Radio from the year 2013.

As such, the official name of the band will be Gustav Brom Czech Radio Big Band. "The Gustav Brom Big Band belongs alongside the legendary bands of Czech music such as TOČR led by Karel Krautgartner or Karel Vlach orchestra.
Gustav Brom BB became the most important propagator of Czech Jazz, which was acknowledged by the professional American magazine „Down Beat“, which ranks it among the best big bands in the world. The tradition continues not only at home but also abroad.
And that is why we welcome the decision of Czech radio to offer the joining of its name with this famed and respected band,“ says the art director of the Gustav Brom Czech Radio Big Band, Vladimír Valovič.

Many talented musicians have been a part of the band during its long and rich history and even today, new players come. New players that gain valuable experience and keep the youthful spirit of the orchestra. As such, new and modern arrangments appear and the repertoir keeps evolving. And that is the future of Gustav Brom Big Band.


Conductor / Vlado Valovič

TRUMPETS/FLUGELHORNS Ondrej Juráši (lead) Petr Harmáček Miroslav Hloucal Lukáš Oravec

TROMBONES Jan Jirucha (lead) Přemek Tomšíček Richard Šanda

WOODWINDS Jan Fečo (lead alto, soprano, clarinet) Rostislav Fraš (alto, soprano, flute) Ondřej Štveráček (tenor, soprano, clarinet) Rudolf Březina (tenor, flute) Miro Poprádi (baritone, clarinet, bs. clarinet)

RHYTM SECTION Luboš Šrámek (piano) Tomáš Baroš (bass) Marián Ševčík (drums)


Radio Big Band Gustav Brom - Piotrology (Lukas Oravec)

Radio Big Band Gustav Brom - Christmas concert 2014